Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thrissur to Cochin, Karala, India

February 9, 2009
I will upload pictures when I can. I have masses. It is not easy working at these internet cafes. This one has had to repaint the warn letters in the keyboard and for good measure they also painted the Indian script. I know I shouldn't be looking at my hands but it is hard typing on a strange keyboard and believe me this one is strange.
This was a transfer day. It was also my birthday. We went to a couple of jewelry shops as John wanted to get me something but i wasn't going to let him spend $700.00 US of a pair of earings for me. We will find something more my style.
We took a boat ride around the harbor and saw very few commercial vessels apart from fishing boats.
One of the things that the Chinese left here was their way of fishing. They have great nets that they lower into the water via fixed frames. The men walk up the poles as counterweight dipping the net into the water and a few minutes later they return and lifting it, hopefully with some fish. Where we were they made a lit more money from visitors than they did from any fish they caught.
Our hotel was a converted convent with large rooms and very old plank floors.
We dined at a restaurant that didn't have a liquor license. They brought beer in a very nice teapot.

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Tanya said...

Happy Birthday!
So what earring did you find for your birthday gift?