Thursday, February 5, 2009

Working in Chennai.

Some of us worked very hard at shopping. This is Joanne on the right with our escort Magana in a typical little shop in a large shopping mall. There was hardly room for the four of us and then there was Luda the shop salesman and his assistant who climbed a stepladder so that he could display the carpets or whatever was too large to be easily seen. Joanne and I took the whole thing as a bit of a lark.

Not so Luda. This was serious shopping for her and she acquired some beautiful jewelry as well as this carpet.

One evening the convention had a visit to the dance school as I think I mentioned before. We were asked not to take pictures of the dancers but I had already pictured the announcer in front of this elaborate applique curtain.

John in the lobby of the Institute with some of his admiring students.

In case you can't read John's name plate at the head table it says "Prof. John Halkyard." A title that brings a smile to my lips. Here he is talking with one of the local dignitaries at the closing event.


Tanya said...

That carpet shop reminds me of some of the clothing stores that we went to in the south of India... they sell you the material and then make the outfit by the next day.
Let me know when Prof. John Halkyard will be lecuting in South America. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...
It was a hard work to do -
but it was a lovely time with all of you!

Anonymous said...

... upps!
forgotten to say -
it's Johanna - the german ;o)